Ministry to Camden (Soup Ministry)

Mission to Camden: Join us to help those who need it most. 

What can you do? Simply sign-up any Sunday.  Commit yourself/family/community group to any item/s you are able to make (or purchase) often as you want.....OR/AND help to distribute each week. Many hands make light work. 

While we count our blessings daily, many struggle without a home or enough food. Please consider making food and going up to distribute for just over an hour. This will mean the world to so many 

***Extra help needed Saturday, 9/8 at 5 to make sandwiches and prepare items for Sunday 9/9.  On Sunday 9/9 Bethesda will be responsible for the entire box lunch, handouts, coffee/drinks and serving in Camden.  Many volunteers are needed.***

For more information and to sign up, please email or text Dan at 856-956-9736.