About Us

Weekly Church Services

We offer a 9:30 AM Contemporary Service and an 11:15 AM Traditional Service every Sunday.  We have Sunday School for all ages from 10:30 AM to 11:10 AM.  We offer a professionally staffed nursery during these times as well.


Our mission focus for September is Sarah Brown. Sarah was a member of our Youth Group several years ago and felt the call to work in the Mission field.  She selected The New Tribes Mission and went to Bakersfield, California for training to reach the Sikh Punjabi people.  New Tribes Mission has changed its name to Ethnos 360.  Ethnos means people groups - the word Jesus used when He commanded us to make disciples of all nations (people groups).  360 represents the entirety of the globe - all 360 degrees.  It also represents the cycle of the Great Commission, as a people group goes full circle from receiving missionaries who bring the gospel and make disciples to becoming a thriving church that sends men and women out to other people groups.   

This year has been filled with travel, learning, teaching and getting involved in the Punjabi community and seeing the first fruits of ministry in Bakersfield for Sarah.  She appreciates our support and donations