Mission of the month

Our Mission Focus for October is on Bobby and Amanda Peoples. Bobby and Amanda are serving with the Eastern Mennonite Missions. Since 2014 they have been in a mission school called Casa Felix in Honduras. Since working at Casa Felix and learning more about orphanages in Honduras they have seen a real need for teenagers who grow up in the children’s homes to learn the skills needed to live independently as adults. So many life lessons that are learned from one’s family naturally are unknown to these children. These youth are at risk for homelessness, drug usage, gang affiliation, incarceration and pregnancy. Without life skills and a strong support system their vulnerability to these situations is high. Bobby and Amanda have been praying about how they can be more involved.

This past spring they spent time researching and talking about children’s homes including a home outside of La Ceiba. They were impressed with the work this home was doing. They were back in the United States in July. They have been recommissioned to serve in the new home by the Eastern Mennonites Mission. They have first returned to Honduras and will begin working in La Ceiba. Their dream is to open a bakery that would be a type of Vocational School where they can teach youth valuable skills like budgeting, business skills, etc. 

They ask for our prayers and support during this time of transition. Thank you for your prayers and support of this couple and their two young sons Bobby (age 3) and Micah (age 1).

Missions we support

The following is a list of missions/missionaries our church supports.  

Joy Phillips (World Gospel Mission), The Neighborhood Center, Ranch Hope, Red Bird Mission, Young Life, Billy & Joanna Coppedge, Kings Things, Matt & Erin Kay, Bobby & Amanda Peoples, Helping Hands, VBS, Cornerstone, UMCOR., Sarah Brown , Elise Carey