Mission of the Month

Our Mission focus for February is on Billy and Joanna Coppedge who are missionaries serving under World Gospel Mission.  Last year Billy and Joanna left Uganda, Africa to serve under a special assignment in the

United Kingdom.  Billy worked on getting his Doctorate Degree in Bible Storytelling and Training Church Leadership.  Billy obtained his doctorate

degree in this field and has returned to Uganda, Africa.   He is training and helping pastors to use storytelling of the Bible in an effective way to spread the Gospel.  As of now, it has been very successful in helping to

understand and learn about the Bible.  His two older daughters, Elsie Jayne and Lucy, are also helping to spread the good news of the Gospel to other children using some of their father's techniques and training.  They

are happy to be back in Uganda and to witness how God is using them in a different way to spread the Gospel rather than just through sermons.  Keep

this family in your prayers and pray for their continued success in this new way of Bible Storytelling.  Thank you for your support.  They are in need of it to continue their work for the Lord.

Missions we support

The following is a list of missions/missionaries our church supports.  

Joy Phillips (World Gospel Mission), The Neighborhood Center, Ranch Hope, Red Bird Mission, Young Life, Billy & Joanna Coppedge, Kings Things, Matt & Erin Kay, Bobby & Amanda Peoples, Helping Hands, VBS, Cornerstone, UMCOR., Sarah Brown , Elise Carey