Prayer Concerns

Prayer Concerns 

10/20 Joe Garozzo, The family & friends of Grace Holdcraft, Dorothy Allman

& family 10/27 Irv Sharp, Betsy Nelson, Bob Halliday, Sandra Royster, Lisa Shultz, Stacey

Nelson, Ron Junk, Curt & Polly, Larry Honeywell, Bertie Dare, Liz, Mark Campanile, Christopher

Houston, Scott Houston, Sean Houston, Dan Wolfe, Zack Campanile, Katie Campanile, Hanna

10/03 Karen Owens, Paula Mood, strength for all caregivers, Zachary Dennison, The family & friends of Audrey Bundens, The family & friends of Shirley Murphy 11/10 Lisa Shultz, Norman Nelson, Selena Jennings 

Prayer for our MissionariesJoy Phillips (World Gospel Mission), The Neighborhood Center, Ranch Hope, Red Bird Mission, Young Life, Billy & Joanna Coppedge, Kings Things, Matt & Erin Kay, Bobby & Amanda Peoples, Helping Hands, VBS, Cornerstone, UMCOR., Sarah Brown , Elise Carey   

Military Men and Women Serving Far From Home  Geraldo Velazquez, Jordan Bennett, Brad Bitting, Amber & Albert Chavez, Anthony DeLuna, Bob Evans, Randall S. Gregory, Bob Heinrich, Scott Lanrac, Kevin McKnight, Sarah Northdurft, SarTurse, Daniel, Donald Jackson, Tom Dickson, Justin Hewitt, Joshua Costroff   

Our Nation and the World

The leaders of all our nations-President Trump and all his advisers for wisdom and guidance, Unity in our country,  our Armed Forces & their families,  peace in the Middle East, Iran, Afghan people and leaders, North Korea, MIA’s and POW’s, People of Iraq, European countries   


Our Church and Conference

Bishop John Schol, Pastor Dan and Family, Our District Superintendent, The Mission and Ministry of Bethesda, Church Leaders, the congregation.